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Portable, Single Gas Detection Instruments

Mini SA Single Gas Personal Monitor  -- 

Developed to provide practical, portable, continuous gas detection, the Mini-SA's super-compact, feather-light design conveniently clips on to a users belt or lapel. Innovative in its design, the Mini-SA uses a large, easy-to-read LCD (the largest in the industry) and simple two-button operation. 
Intelligent, auto-configuring sensors are interchangeable “on-the-fly” - that help keeps your user and maintenance cost low. 


  • automatic calibration 
  • Lifetime instrument warranty 
  • Audible, visual, and vibratory alarms 
  • Auto-sensor recognition 
  • Uses AAA batteries 

LeakAlert Portable Combustible Leak Detector  -- 

The Leakator 10 can pinpoint large and small combustible gas leaks quickly, while checking a large area in a relatively short amount of time. It combines all the advanced features and technology professionals demand in a small, low maintenance package. A 20" flexible probe provides acces to hard to reach areas Its patented solid state sensor will last up to 5 years. Alkaline "C" cells provide up to 30 hours of continuous operation. 


  • 10 ultra bright LEDs for visual indication 
  • Audible indicator 
  • Sensitivty Thumbwheel 
  • Operation Status Indication 

Snif-It ® 40/ 50 Portable CO Analyzers  -- 

The SnifIt series monitors detect CO levels of between 0 and 1999 ppm in room air quickly and accurately. Special design features such as large push buttons, zero adjustment control and a gas specific, fast response sensor make the SnifIt easy to use. Weighing just 8 ounces and small enough to fit in your pocket, the SnifIt is the "go anywhere" solution to CO monitoring. 


  • 9V battery operation 
  • Up to 6 months continuous operation 

CO Sniffer® Portable Detector  -- 

The Sniffer portable carbon monoxide detector offers versitile, fast CO detection of up to 2000 ppm where-ever and when-ever you need it. Use the Sniffer's powerful internal pump for "spot detection" of the CO sources in areas such as furnaces, garages, stoves, and fireplaces. 

With the optional Breath Analysis Module (BAM), the Sniffer becomes a powerful tool in determining the presence and level of CO within the blood stream and helps determine emergency response to personnel exposed to CO. A simple attachment to the Sniffer and the BAM returns CO levels in under one minute. 

    The Sniffer's (4) C-sized batteries provide up to 14 hours of continuous operation 

Gas Pointer II MPD for Gas Utilities  -- 

In ambient air or high temperature flue gas analysis, the Gas Pointer II provides an instrinsically safe option for gas utility customer service personnel. 

The large LCD display auto-ranges from %LEL to %GAS as gas concentrations change and PPM leak detection can be selected with the push of a button. An internal pump continuously draws a sample thru either 10" or 30" probe assembly and a high temperature probe is available for use when measuring flue gas. Optional audible and visual alarms enhance the use of the Gas Pointer II in confined space entry applications. 


 Its ideal for: 

  • locating natural gas or propane leaks around pipes, fittings, and appliances 
  • measuring excessive levels of carbon monoxide in heating and ventilation systems 
  • sampling confined spaces for entry 

Canary II ® Single Gas Portable Monitor  -- 

Feather light, rugged design, the Canary II Personal Gas Monitor from Scott/Bacharach builds on the success of the original Canary monitor. 

A cost effective design for applications where protection against a single toxic or flammable gas is required. 


    • Compact and lightweight 
    • Detects toxic or flammable gases 
    • Highly visible and audible alarms 
    • Confidence ‘blip’ confirms safe working conditions 
    • Fully adjustable alarm trigger levels 
    • Time weighted average alarm facility for 15 min and 8 hour exposure levels. 
    • Rugged Triax TM casing will not break,crack or shatter 
    • Easy and safe to use 
    • Comprehensive PC Interface 

Portable, Multiple Gas Detection Instruments


Scout Multi-Gas Personal Monitor--

Portable: Yes - up to 4 gas sensors

Detects: Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Combustible, Hydrogen Cyanide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Nitric Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Oxygen, Phosphine, Sulfur Dioxide 
Technology: Catalytic Bead, Electrochemical 

Instrument Type: Combustible, Multi Gas Monitor, Toxic 

Scout represents the next generation of portable gas detection.  Its innovative design and advanced features make it the most versatile instrument of its kind.  The SCOUT's ergonomic design and many of its features are truly unique...

Exclusive Advanced Battery Management Technology (ABMTTM) feature provides up to 50 hours of runtime and, a wireless inductive battery charger charges SCOUT faster and easier than ever.  Unlike many other similar instruments, Scout’s battery pack is simple to release without having to unscrew or remove components.

With a "no case openings design" and wireless inductive charging and datalogging system the SCOUT has no case openings for moisture to penetrate and corrode its internal components.

The foolproof  IntellishutterTM lets users quickly change from diffusion mode to sample draw mode “on-the-fly” without tools.  The IntelliShutter's position is sensed to prevent incorrect operation and a sample draw port only permits a probe to be connected when the shutter is closed.

An easy to use, modular platform, the SCOUT can be configured for any level of user and stores up to 100 customized profiles for work teams.  Complete component modularity means SCOUT can be upgraded to any level of sophistication or serviced in-the-field without specials tools or complex procedures.

BodyGuard 4® Four Gas Portable Monitor  -- 

BodyGuard 4® Designed for use in a variety of industries, the BodyGuard 4 provides for a wide range of available gas combinations allowing the instrument to be customized to your application’s requirements. BodyGuard 4 monitors four gases simultaneously in a compact, lightweight, and rugged monitoring package. 

Each BodyGuard 4 is equipped with datalogging and convenient downloading to a PC. Power is supplied by three AA batteries but an optional metal hydride battery pack will extend continuous operation to up to 12 hours. An optional pump permits pre-entry sampling and the instrument comes complete with a limited lifetime warranty and 4 years free calibration. 


  • field replacable sensors 
  • pushbutton recall of hygiene data 
  • datalogging 
  • runs basic, supervisory, or hygiene modes 
  • confidence light for worry-free operation 
  • Lapel alarms, hand aspirated or motorized sampling pumps, and confined case kits available 


Sniffer 300 Portable Gas Indicators  -- 

Light weight, portable instruments designed for measuring combustible gas and oxygen deficiency. The Sniffer 300 series slender, impact resistant case with built-in handle and trigger switch represents a departure from traditional design. The recessed meter is positioned at the head of the case for high visibility under any lighting condition. 

Instruments can use either hosing or rigid probe to draw samples from up to 25' away (hosing). 

Applications include: 

  • welding site testing 
  • Leak detection 
  • Plant surveys 





Gas Type

O2 deficiency


0-100% LEL
0-100% LEL
0-25% O2 
0-100% LEL
0-2000 PPM

Sample Method



Sniffer 500 Portable Area Monitors  -- 

Sniffer 500 series monitors make portable, temporary area monitoring reliable and easy. Detect the presence of combustible gases, carbon monoxide, oxygen deficiency, or hydrogen sulfide for up to 10 hours within even the most extreme environments. 

Its integral pump can draw samples from as far away as 100ft and comes equipped with a low flow alarm. A remote alarm feature can provide alarm notification in two areas up to 25 ft away. 

Applications include: 

  • ship compartments 
  • wells 
  • manholes 
  • silos 
  • exhaust ducts 
  • storage tanks      ... and more 

    • Model 503A - detects O2 deficiency and combustibles 

    • Model 505 - detects O2 deficiency, combustibles, and hydrogen sulfide 

    • Model 506 - detects O2 deficiency, combustibles, and carbon monoxide (CO). The CO sensor can react to H2S providing a response ratio of 3.4ppm for 1 ppm H2S exposure, thereby permitting the instrument to effectively act as a 4-gas monitor. 

SafeSpace Fixed Installation Area Monitor  -- 

The Gas Sentinel Area Monitor provides an excellent solution to one or two-point continuous toxic, oxygen deficiency, and combustible gas monitoring for commercial, municipal, and industrial locations. 


  • Flexible Sensor Configuration 
  • Permits connection to any Scott/Bacharach transmitter. 
  • Hazardous Location Installation 
  • Control unit suitable for Class I, Div 2, Groups B,C,D 
  • FM & CSA Approved 
  • Multiple Outputs 
  • Discrete Alarm Relays 
  • Three SPDT relays per channel 
  • Local Horn 

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